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Mission - To create the cleanest, most competitive and enjoyable experience on the iRacing platform

Goal -  To as closely as possible, mimic the Real Life Nascar Car Season

Culture - This league is NOT like the Class A Open races where if you make a mistake, you shrug it off and try again in the next race.  If you do not race clean you will be penalized, sit out races and ultimately be removed from the league.

This league comes with a different mindset.  Race as hard as you can but ALWAYS within your ability and your car’s limits with your competitors enjoyment in mind at all times.  Riding around caution laps and/or with a broken car is not fun for anyone.

Relax.  These races are slightly longer than the Class A Open races.  There is plenty of time to get to the front if you have the setup and ability to get there.


  Long green flag racing.

  Respect for your fellow competitors.

  Give and take.

  Race within you and your car’s setup ability at all times.


To enforce those expectations will we adhere to the Penalty System.  Please read and understand it if you have not already.

If this is the mindset of all our drivers, I promise you the most enjoyable racing experience online.

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