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Mission - To put on a great show, have some great racing, and give away some cash to some luck winners.

Minimum League Requirements:  Class C License

Culture - These races come with a different mindset.  Race as hard as you can but ALWAYS within your ability and your car’s limits with your competitors enjoyment in mind at all times.  Always be Respectful of others.  Riding around caution laps and/or with a broken car is not fun for anyone.

There are no Penalty Systems in these races like leagues but, if you cause repeated problems or incidents, you will be banned from joining any further races.


  Long green flag racing.

  Respect for your fellow competitors.

  Give and take.

  Race to the end of the race, not just the current lap.

  Race within you and your car’s setup ability at all times.

If this is the mindset of all our drivers, I promise you the most enjoyable racing experience online.

Race details

Next Event:  TBD

Nascar Cup Series Cars        

     NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Camry

     NASCAR Cup Series Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

     NASCAR Cup Series Ford Mustang


Talladega and Daytona Tracks


Open Setups

94 Laps @ Talladega  or  100  Laps @ Daytona 

1st or 2nd Saturday Night of each Month

  Practice starts at 8:30 pm ET

  Qualifying starts at 9:00 pm ET

     Top 35 Qualifiers go to the Feature

  Last Chance Qualifier starts at 9:15 pm ET

     Top 8 Advance from Heat Race

  Feature starts at 9:30 pm ET

1 G/W/C attempt


1 Fast Repair

4 Set Tire Limit

Cash Prizes go to Top 5  via (PayPal or iRacing Dollars)

*Prizes will be prorated with less than 28 entries

1st Place             $100

2nd Place             $50

3rd Place              $25

4th Place              $15

5th Place              $10

$10  Entry Fee

All races will be Broadcasted Live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Using iRacing Race Control for Cautions and in Sim Race Penalties

    *Black Flags will ONLY be cleared for 1 reason.

    1)  if you are spun through the pits as a result of an accident you did not cause

         (Otherwise, do not ask or you will be at jeopardy of being removed from the race.)  

Races start on Green Flag.  All other restarts are by leader’s discretion.

Leader has lane choice.  If not inside, choice must be announced clearly as we get to “1 to Go”

Custom Paints:  We encourage custom paints via Trading Paints that are Sim-Stamped Number Paints, NOT CUSTOM NUMBERS.  If you have Custom Numbers on your car, please change to a non number version.

Apply to Join League

1 - Read and understand ALL League Information above

2 - Click on the “iRacing League Page”  link below.  Verify Recruiting is "Yes".  If Yes, then the Event is still open for registration.  If no, then we are full for the next event.  Please check us out next time.


3 - Click on the Members tab.  Look through the list of current drivers' numbers and pick three available numbers you would wish to have.  Then click on the blue “Apply to This League” button and include them in the comments box before you click "Apply Now". 

3 - There is an entry fee minimum of $10 per season.  Larger donations are also accepted and appreciated.  To make a payment / donation, click on the paypal link below.  No applications will be accepted without a matching entry fee.

          *  If the name on your payment is not the same as your iRacing ID, please include your iRacing Name in the comments section of the payment.

          **  If  you did not include your car numbers in your application, please include your choices in order of preference in the payment comments.

          ***  If you do not have a PayPal account and wish to pay via an iRacing Gift Dollars, that is also acceptable.

                 Recipient:  Kenny Powell


Optional (Recommended) - Join our ISCA Discord Server with the link below and change your Nickname to match that of your iRacing Name.  We use the Discord server to talk to drivers during the broadcast.

Entries received after 6:00pm ET the night of the race may not be accepted for that nights race.

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