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Mission - To create the cleanest, most competitive and enjoyable experience on the iRacing platform

Minimum League Requirements:  Class A License, 2000+ iRating, SR 3.0+

Mindset - Drivers that want to compete at and against the best drivers in an effort to put on a good race and to continue to better yourself as a driver.

Vison - To have to best drivers on the service race in a clean competitive evironment using a variety of Nascar Cars/Trucks to crown the best overall driver.


Culture - This league is NOT like the Class A Open and NIS Official races where if you make a mistake, you shrug it off and try again in the next race.  If you do not race clean you will be penalized, sit out races and ultimately be removed from the league.  This league comes with a different mindset.  Race as hard as you can but ALWAYS within your ability and your car’s limits with your competitors enjoyment in mind at all times.  Riding around caution laps and/or with a broken car is not fun for anyone.


  Long green flag racing.

  Respect for your fellow competitors.

  Give and take.

  Race within you and your car’s setup ability at all times.


To enforce those expectations will we adhere to the Penalty System.  Please read and understand it if you have not already.

If this is the mindset of all our drivers, I promise you the most enjoyable racing experience online.

League details

Nascar Class A Cup Series Cars

     NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Toyota Camry

     NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

     NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Ford Mustang

Nascar Class B Xfinity Series Cars

     NASCAR XFINITY Chevrolet Camaro

     NASCAR XFINITY Ford Mustang

     NASCAR XFINITY Toyota Supra

Nascar Class C Series Trucks

     NASCAR Truck Chevrolet Silverado

     NASCAR Truck Ford F150

     NASCAR Truck Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

Schedule:  The schedule is what makes this league special.  We will randomly choose one of the 41 different tracks that NASCAR as a whole runs at currently or in the past across all 3 series.  The vehicle will also be choosen randomly.  The random selection will be made just before the race practice starts.  No track or vehicle will repeat until each have been utilized.

Fixed Setups

30 - 50%  Race Lengths  (Est 1 to 1.5 hrs)

100% Fuel Tank

Dynamic Weather, Dynamic Sky

Random Track State

x2 Time Acceleration

Tuesday Nights

  Practice starts at 8:30 pm ET

  Qualifying/Race starts at 9:30 pm ET

1 G/W/C attempt

No Fast Repair

5 or 6 Sets Tire Limit

*Tire set limits could vary depending of race track and length.

Clean Racing enforced by Penalty System.  


Participation:   If you miss more than 4 consecutive races without letting me know prior of your situation, you may be removed from the roster.  If you have not notified me prior and have not raced more than 3 of the first 9 races, you may be removed from the league for the final 3 races of the season.  It is my goal to field at least 35 cars.  To do that, I do take in more drivers than there are spots technically available at some tracks.  In those cases, entry into that nights server is based on a first come first serve basis.

Custom Paints:  We encourage custom paints via Trading Paints.  If you have a car with Custom numbers, make sure it is marked as a custom number paint in Trading Paints and it matches your league approved/assigned number.

Join League

Until we get a good following, this league will just be setup as a Hosted session as "ISCA - Manifold Series"

This series will not be broadcast as of now and is free to join but donations would be appreciated.


All communications will be through our Discord Servers so please click link below and join us.

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