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Mission - To put on a great show, have some great racing, and give away some cash to some lucky winners.

Minimum Race Requirements:  Class C License & MUST have completed an iRacing Official race in a NASCAR Next Gen Cup Car 

Culture - These races come with a different mindset.  Race as hard as you can but ALWAYS within your ability and your car’s limits with your competitors enjoyment in mind at all times.  Always be Respectful of others.  Riding around caution laps and/or with a broken car is not fun for anyone.


  Long green flag racing.

  Respect for your fellow competitors.

  Give and take.

  Race to the end of the race, not just the current lap.

  Race within you and your car’s setup ability at all times.

If this is the mindset of all our drivers, I promise you the most enjoyable racing experience online.

Race details


Nascar Next Gen Cup Series Cars        

     NASCAR Next Gen Cup Series Toyota Camry

     NASCAR Next Gen Cup Series Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

     NASCAR Next Gen Cup Series Ford Mustang

Track:  Charlotte Motor Speedway


Fixed Setup  

Sim Time     6:00 pm, May 15, 2022

Weather:     Partly Cloudy     73 °F     46% RH     Winds 4 mph S


Qualiying will be run Thursday and Friday before Feature

     Thursday 7:00 pm ET - 11:00pm ET

     Friday 7:00 pm ET - 11:00pm ET

Heat Races and LCQ will be run the Saturday before the Feature

Heat Race sizes will be equally distributed fields  

Specifics on how many heats there will be and how many will transfer out of heats will be determined just prior to Qualifying

Heat Race and LCQ Length:  20 Laps

1 Fast Repair

     Saturday 12:00 pm ET - 6:00pm ET

     (Heats every 60 min or 30 min depending or number of drivers)

43 entries will make the Feature Race

Full Length Feature Race:  400 Laps

Practice Session - 5:00 PM ET

Race Session - 6:00 PM ET

1 G/W/C attempt

1 Fast Repair

10 Set Tire Limit


iRacing Race Control for Cautions and in Sim Race Penalties

    *Black Flags will ONLY be cleared for 1 reason.

    1)  if you are spun through the pits as a result of an accident you did not cause

All incidents will be reviewed by the ISCA panel live during all the events.  If you are found to be solely at fault for the incident, you will be removed from the event.  This will not apply to the last lap of the Feature race.

Races start on Green Flag.  All other restarts are by leader’s discretion.

Leader has lane choice.  If not inside, choice must be announced clearly as we get to “1 to Go”

Cash Prizes go to Top 3  via (Electronic Bank Transfer, Venmo, iRacing Dollars or Check by mail)

1st Place             $200

2nd Place             $75

3rd Place              $25

$15  Entry Fee

All races will be Broadcasted Live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.


1 - Read and understand ALL Event Information above

2 - Click on the “iRacing League Page”  link below.  Verify Recruiting is "Yes".  If Yes, then the Event is still open for registration.  Then click on the blue “Apply to This League” button and include them in the comments box before you click "Apply Now". 

3 - Click on the "Pay Now" link below to make payment


Optional (Recommended) - Join our ISCA Discord Server with the link below and change your Nickname to match that of your iRacing Name.  We use the Discord server to talk to drivers during the broadcast.

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