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race control

Races start on Green Flag.  All other restarts are by leader’s discretion.


Leader has lane choice.  If not inside, choice must be announced clearly as we get to “1 to Go”

We use iRacing Race Control for Cautions and in Sim Race Penalties

    *Black Flags will ONLY be cleared for 2 reasons.  (Otherwise, do not ask)  

     1)  if you are spun through the pits as a result of an accident you did not cause

     2)  In the situation where the leader chooses the outside lane and the 2nd or 3rd place driver

          gets a black for passing on the restart.

     *Points Penalties will be given out if you cause another driver to get a black flag because of your



Stage cautions will be thrown when the leader crosses the Start/Finish at the end of the specified Stage lap.  Points will be awarded based on last position update before the caution is thrown.

If a caution comes out within 5 laps of the designated stage lap, that will be the end of the stage.  (ie.  If Stage end was designated as lap 25 and a caution comes out on lap 21,22,23,24 or 25 that will be the end of the Stage.  If a caution comes out on lap 20 or before, there will be a restart before the stage ends.  If for any reason the caution laps are extended and do not allow for 2 laps of racing before the normal stage end, the stage end will be extended to allow for a 2 lap run. 

Championship Points System

Current NASCAR Points System

     1st place 40pts  

     2nd place 35pts

     3rd place 34pts


     36th place and below earn 1pt


Stage Points   (for the Cup and Super Cup Series)

   Stage points will be added to the race result points

   +10    points for stage winner

   +9      for 2nd place

   +8      for 3rd place


   1         for 10th place stage finish

The Championship Points will be determined by the total points from all season races.

Provisional Starts and Substitutions

We will count all races but, you will be able to receive 2 provisional starts or substitutions for a 12 week season or 6 provisional starts or substitutions for the SuperCup Series.  Provisional Starts will earn you 20 points.  Provisional Starts will automatically be awarded for your missed races as long as you are still an active member of the league and haven't use all of them.

To use a substitute driver, the following MUST take place before the day of the race.
*- Substitute driver must have applied and been accepted into ISCA iRacing League (no fee required for substituting).
*- I (Kenny Powell) must be aware of who is substituting for who.
*- The substitute driver MUST run the .tga paint scheme of the driver for whom they are substituting.

*- The substitute driver MUST run the number of the car for whom they are substituting for.  Either by custom number paint or by iRacing number stamp.

Super Cup Playoff Points System

The 28 Race Regular Season Championship Points will be determined by the total points from all regular season races.

PLAYOFFS - 16 Driver Playoff System, following current NASCAR system

  *Win and you are in but, must be in the top 26 in points 

  *Must have raced 14 races to qualify


Playoff Points

     5   Playoff Points for a Win

     1   Playoff Point for each stage win

    15  Points to 28 Race Regular Season winner

    10  Points to 2nd place in Regular Season Standings

      8  Points to 3rd place in Regular Season Standings


      1  Point to 10th place in Regular Season Standings

After the Regular Season the Points will be reset to 2000 plus any Playoff Points you earned during the Season.

Playoff Points are carried over to each Playoff round except the last race.

Top 12 Advance to 2nd round and points reset to 3000 plus Playoff Points

Top 8 Advance to 3rd round and points are reset to 4000 plus Playoff Points

Top 4 Advance to final race and points are reset to 5000.

Final Race - No stage points are earned by top 4 drivers, highest finisher wins Championship. 

Driving penalty system

The goal of the Driver Penalty System is to ensure clean racing and maximize enjoyment of all drivers.  


Not all contact generates a penalty.

Triggers resulting in Penalties are as follows:


1)  Failure to maintain control of your car causing a caution by

          a) Self spin/crash

          b) Sliding back onto racing surface

          c) Stopping on the track

          d) Equipment failure

          (.5pt if no other driver was involved)

2)  Making contact causing You or another Driver to

          a) Spin / Loose Control causing other contact

          b) Hit the wall

          c) Leave the racing surface

          d) Receive excessive damage greater than 30 sec repair

          e) Blatant Disregard for other drivers  ( This will add an additional .5pt to the incident)

3)  Causing a Caution within 2 laps after the Start or Re-start of the race.

     ( This penalty will add an additional .5 pt penalty point to the incident.)

4)  Failure to slow to avoid or prevent another incident after the caution is waved.

5)  Causing incidents on pit road

(6 and 7 were moved to a points penalty)

8)  Intentional wrecking.  This comes with an automatic 3 penalty points and a race suspension.

9)  Any other situation causing Race Admin to intervene in race to ensure race integrity


For each penalty you receive, you will receive an @ Fault Penalty if it is found to be your fault.  If it was determined to be a racing incident you will both receive .5pt which will add to your Penalty Status.

@ Fault Incidents are a record of how many incident points you have received.

Penalty Status is your current penalty status.

Penalty Status 3  [ >= 3 points ]

          This comes with a probation period.  During this period, you will be given an EOL at the start of the race .            You will be removed from probation when your Penalty Status falls below 3 again.

Penalty Status 4  [ >= 4 points]

          You will remain on probation and may be suspended for a race.

Penalty Status 5 classification [ >= 5 points]

          If allowed to continue past a P4 status and you are a P5 at the end of the race,

          you may be suspended for 3 races if not removed from the league.

If during a 12 week season you receive more than 6 @ Fault Incidents, YOU MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE LEAUGE.


All incidents will be reviewed immediately after the race by at least 3 people to ensure fair judgement.  You are welcome to participate in the incident review.  All penalties decisions are final but you may request clarification on why the penalty was given.  Please check the Race Results to see the penalties given for that race and the Standings for the current penalty status.   If you are to receive a penalty that puts you into a P3 or greater status, you will be notified via iRacing mail system or Discord.  

Penalties and enforcement of them may be made by admins during the race for drivers with P3’s or greater.

Penalty Status Reduction

     For each incident free clean race you race (0x), you will reduce your Penalty by .5

     For each race you race without getting a league penalty you will reduce your Penalty by .5

     (ie. If you race an incident free race without receiving a league penalty, 

     you will reduce your Penalty by 1 point)

Rules Penalty system

The goal of the Rules Penalty System is to deter actions that either gain an unfair advantage or cause others to be at a disadvantage.  Points will be deducted from your Championship Points if you are found to have done or caused any of the following.


Pts     Trigger


-10     Causing a black flag on restarts by failing to go on restart.  

          If you are severely damaged, let the drivers around you know

          and drop low on the restart to avoid this penalty.

          This may also apply to missed shifts and spinning tires on restart.


-10     Causing a black flag by not making it to the pack prior to restart  

          (< .3 gap from correct position on grid)

          (As a general rule of thumb.  Please speed off of pit road if it is 1 lap to green.  

          This will keep everyone in order coming off pit road and avoid the black flags

          for not getting in the right order prior to the green)


-10     Causing a black flag by failing to stop and tow if you have required repairs and impede

          other drivers from pitting in a timely manner.  

          You must make it to the beginning of the apron markings for pit road prior to the third car

          in front of you crossing pit road entrance.

-10    Making contact with Lucky Dog causing him to lose it while pacing.

-10    Not driving on Right Side lane of pit road before turning into pit stall.

-10    Driving through more than 3 pit stalls on entry or exit of pit stall.

-10    Not slowing to match pace on restart before proceeding to pass

-10    Causing repeated delayed restarts

-10    Excessive foul language or arguing (TBD by Race Admin)

-10    Excessive chat not related to the race event.  In-Sim Chat should be for Race communications only,

         not today’s gossip.

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