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Changes for 2023

Fuel and Race Lengths
We are changing to 100% Fuel and extending the race a little to 62.5% race lengths to keep the ISCA green flag pit stops.


League details

Nascar Class A Cup Series Cars

     NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Toyota Camry

     NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

     NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Ford Mustang

Follows the 36 Week iRacing Open Series Schedule, plus 2 additional races

Class A Open Setups

62.5%  Race Lengths  (Est 2 to 2.5 hrs)

Stage Racing

100% Fuel Tank

Dynamic Weather, Dynamic Sky

Random Track State

x2 Time Acceleration

Saturday Nights

  Practice starts at 8:30 pm ET

  Qualifying/Race starts at 9:30 pm ET

1 G/W/C attempt

No Fast Repair

5 or 6 Sets Tire Limit

*Tire set limits could vary depending of race track and length.

Clean Racing enforced by Penalty System.  


All races will be Broadcasted Live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Participation:   If you miss more than 4 consecutive races without letting me know prior of your situation, you will be removed from the roster.  If you have not notified me prior and have not raced more than 3 of the first 9 races, you may be removed from the league for the final 3 races of the season.  It is my goal to field at least 35 cars.  To do that, I do take in more drivers than there are spots technically available at some tracks.  In those cases, entry into that nights server is based on a first come first serve basis.

Custom Paints:  We encourage custom paints via Trading Paints.  If you have a car with Custom numbers, make sure it is marked as a custom number paint in Trading Paints and it matches your league approved/assigned number.

Entry fee / Charter / prizes

Entry Fees  
The entry fees go towards the broadcast fees and league administration.  

They are also meant to ensure everyone has a little skin in the game to promote participation and good conduct on the track.


There are several ways to submit Entry Fees

     $10     Monthly Subscription 

     $80     2023 Super Cup Season  (Daytona through Phoenix)    

Charter Program - Don't let the entry fee keep you away.   If you are interested in racing but are unable to pay, contact me (Kenny Powell).  I am putting together a Charter Program which will allow for some free spots to be available.


If you would like to see more drivers in the field and would be willing to pay the entry fee for another charter please use one of the links below and specify "Charter" as the iRacing Name


ButtKicker is back with us to support the SuperCup Series and offering a ButtKicker Gamer Plus to the SuperCup Series Champion.

I plan to have prizes for 2nd and 3rd with a value equal or greater than the entry fee.

Join League

1 - Read and understand ALL League Information above and in the About Page

2 - Meet Requirements.

     Class A Open License, iR 2000+, SR 3.0+ are pre-approved and may apply and send Entry fee.

     All others must apply to league and be approved before submitting Entry Fee

          *      Please include your iRacing Name in the comments section of the payment.

          **    Also, include your car number choices in order of preference in the payment comments.

3 - Click on the “iRacing League Page”  link below.  Then click on the Members tab.  Then click on the blue “Apply to This League” button and then "Apply Now"


Join our ISCA Discord Server with the link below and change your Nickname to match that of your iRacing Name.  We use the Discord server to talk to drivers during the broadcast.

(Since iRacing message system is pretty much broken.  Discord is our primary communication means)

Additionally - Let me know if you are interested in helping with the league administration

Entries received after 6:00pm ET the night of the race may not be accepted for that nights race.


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